12 Famous Logos With a Hidden Message That You Probably Never Noticed

Hidden in plain sight. That’s the secret subliminal messages in such iconic logos as Apple, LG, Yamaha, Beats by Dre and others. Have you noticed them yourself? Or is this something you never even heard of? In this video we explore some genius design solutions that tell us a deeper story about the company.

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The world’s largest piano manufacturer reveals its connection with music in its famous logo.


Life’s Good, isn’t it? But life’s even better when you know what’s hidden in the iconic LG logo.


A company which had its first office in a… garage. Today it is recognized by everyone, thanks to their simple and clever logo.


If you have an eye for the details… You might have noticed that Toyota logo is more than just a logo.

Beats Electronics

A logo that makes it clear - it’s all about the music. Have you noticed it?


Simple, elegant and genius. With one single word, the company’s name, a message is delivered about the company, its purpose and its product.


The most iconic use of the so-called negative space while creating a memorable design.

Hershey’s Kisses

If you never had one… But instead you have a sharp eye… The logo is enough to know what they are selling. Have you noticed it?


Many messages are hidden in one single logo. Have you noticed them all? It’s not only about the bear.


Not only the logo, but also the company’s name, everything hides deeper layers here. Did you know it’s connected to Ancient Greek Mythology?


The famous logo had a very clever design. But it’s no longer here as a new logo has been unveiled.

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