13 Animal Dessert Recipes That Will Bring Life To Your Sweets

We love desserts and we love animals - why not combine them and make animal-themed desserts! Panda has prepared a bunch of recipes with all kinds of Animal themed desserts - butterfly cupcakes, chocolate strawberry zebras, magical unicorns donuts, and yes - there are pandas too. Bring your treats to life with these amazing recipes!

0:00 Panda Choux Puffs Filled With Creme

1:43 Butterfly Muffins

2:33 Strawberry Zebras

3:06 Chocolate Snail Cakeroll

4:30 Hedgehog Cupcake

4:57 Donut Centipede

5:45 Banana Penguins

6:18 Unicorn Donuts

6:54 Bumblebee Cupcakes

7:40 Sheep Cupcake

8:03 Hedgehog Cake

9:13 Beaver Cupcakes

10:04 Bunny Buns

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