16 Fabulous Fashion Hacks and DIY Clothing Ideas

Are you a fashion enthusiast looking for new ways to wear a scarf? We got you covered!

Learn how to keep your neck warm in a cool way! Also take it a step further and discover on how to wear your scarf as a dress, blouse, skirt and other bits of clothing. There’s always a season for a scarf!

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00:04 Undercover Bra

00:46 Shirt Skirt

01:09 Fix Uncomfortable Dress

01:34 DYEd Denim Vest

02:02 Tighten The Dress

02:35 White Shirt as Blouse

03:08 Renewed Dress

03:42 Wear a Kerchief

04:48 Skirt Redesign

06:00 Cutted Shirt

07:16 Safety Pin Blouse

07:37 Painless Bra Straps

07:55 T-Shirt Redesign

08:39 Different Blouse Variations

09:32 Ways To Cover Your Chest

10:36 Hemp Rope Shoes

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