18 Quick & Yummy 2-Minute Dessert Recipes To Make When You Are Craving Sugar

Having a party, but don't have much time to prep for treats? Or maybe you're just craving sugar and want something a little bit more special then a regular candy? In both cases Hungry Panda have you covered! Check out these super simple and quick to make recipes that will work perfect as a sugary snack for yourself or a treat at the party!

0:00 S’more Bites

0:28 Fishing Rod Cupcake

0:40 Banana Penguins

1:14 Chocolate Hedgehog Cupcakes

1:42 Pomegranate Chocolate Cupcakes

2:21 Strawberry Zebras

2:54 Crunchy Chocolate Donuts ( Vegan )

3:28 Rainbow Cheese Sandwich

4:13 Movie Night Cupcakes

5:00 Waffle Donuts

5:41 Strawberry Ladybugs

6:11 Flower Popsicles

6:57 Strawberry Carrot In A Pot

7:38 Peanut butter filled Jalapeño

8:22 Cake Mix Milkshake

8:55 Rainbow Cupcakes

9:16 Strawberry Unicorn

9:56 Mr. Ms. Bread Sticks

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