7 Lunchbox Ideas For Kids! Cute School Lunch Recipes & More

School is awesome, but when you have awesome food packed in your lunchbox - school gets even better! Hungry Panda is sharing awesome lunchbox ideas with a variety of different recipes - from pizza bagels to banana giraffes, there's a lot of recipes to check out! Enjoy!

First Lunchbox:

0:00 Homemade Gummies

0:21 Cucumber Sushi

0:40 Banana Giraffe

Second Lunchbox:

1:20 Pistachio Smileys

1:30 Pizza Bagel

1:57 Pear Hedgehog

Third Lunchbox:

2:37 Smiley Lunch Pie

3:31 Apple Donuts

4:10 Chocolate Pretzel Owls

Fourth Lunchbox:

4:38 Peanut Butter & Jelly Taco

5:03 Oats Energy Bar

5:43 Strawberry Mousse

Fifth Lunchbox:

6:32 Wafer Pencil

6:48 Tangerine Snail

7:10 Sandwich With Silly Face

Sixth Lunchbox:

7:50 Fruit Shapes

8:14 Pancake With Chocolate Chips

9:03 Oreo Spiders

9:32 Rice Panda with Omelet

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