9 Healthy & Delicious Snack Recipes! DIY Healthy Treat Ideas

Did you know that sweet snacks can be tasty AND healthy? Let the feast begin! Learn to make fruity desserts like Mango and Strawberry Rolls or have a bite of this amazing DIY Granola Bar! Discover how to make a cupcake out of some beetroot or make a sugar free Peanut Butter Cup! Stay tuned for even more snack recipes and stay healthy!

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0:19 Mango & Strawberry Rolls ( Vegan )

1:48 Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Dessert

2:37 Avocado & Mango Ice Cream ( Vegan )

3:36 Granola Bars ( Vegan )

5:08 Granola & Fruits Popsicles

5:57 Raspberry & Coconut Fudge ( Vegan )

7:00 Kale Chips

8:37 Sugarless Peanut Butter Cups ( Vegan )

9:25 Beetroot Cupcakes ( Vegan )

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