Abandoned North Brother Island: New York City's Secret History

Abandoned and haunted island - North Brother Island - is a momument to New York's haunted past. This forbidden island's history reminds us the tragic stories of a forgotten passenger steamer General Slocum and the infamous Typhoid Mary. Remains of a hospital remind us of once a busy and dynamic area with many facilities functioning actively, which now has turned to a deserted, gloomy sight. The island has been taken back by nature thus resulting in an eerie, even haunted atmosphere. If you had the opportunity to step your foot onto this place... Would you dare to?

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Courtesy Ed and Bubbles Yadow

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Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

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RevR0ach / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs_drZJc7vsEjObHZkykEuA

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