Art is Life! 11 Creative Art Hacks and Painting Tricks

Are you bursting with creative ideas but have no idea how to express them? We’ve come up with some amazing art techniques and simple drawing hacks that you must try out! Learn to make a custom magnet out of a pebble stone or decorate your room with a colorful cutout art piece! Discover how to keep your paint moisturized while working on your mountain painting! Time to get creative with these cool drawing hacks, painting tricks, decoration hacks and more! Stay tuned, folks!

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00:04 Pebble Stone Magnet

01:30 Keep your Paint Moisturized

02:50 Shiny Nail Polish Effect

03:50 Calligraphy with a Fork

04:56 Bengal Lights Art

06:25 Custom Phone Case Decor

08:08 Easy Mountain Paint

09:38 DIY Decorative CutOut

10:26 Paint Puddle Art

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