Avocado Inspired Recipes From Brownies To Chips You'll Be Surprised What You Can Make With It

There's plenty of reasons why people love avocados - it's a great source of vitamins, it contains a lot of healthy fats, it supports healthy skin and much more, but Panda loves avocados because it's a great ingredient to make all kinds of different dishes. You would be surprised how healthy, but also versatile this wonderful fruit is!

0:00 Avocado Rolls

1:11 Avocado Egg

1:45 Avocado Brownie With Avocado Ice Cream

3:01 Avocado Toast

3:43 Avocado Chips

4:12 Avocado Ice Cream

5:12 Creme de Abacate

6:04 Quinoa Salad

7:43 Cobb Salad

8:49 Kale Chips

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