Best Of June - Hungry Panda's 10 Favorite Recipes Of The Month

June - we made a lot of awesome recipes during this month that are perfect to kick off summer season and now as the month of June is coming to an end - we present our favorite recipes! Healthy sugarless desserts, delicious and refreshing fruit treats, and even some mouth-watering savory burgers - a lot of variety to make sure you'll find something to your liking!

0:00 Blueberry Burger

1:55 Pineapple Jello Rings

2:37 Granola & Fruits Popsicles

3:26 Pizza Burger

4:36 Mango & Strawberry Rolls ( Vegan )

6:07 Gummy Crab Cupcake

6:41 Avocado & Mango Ice Cream ( Vegan )

7:40 Summer Cocktail Cupcakes

9:14 Tropical Fruit Jelly Cake

10:36 Watermelon Jello

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