Boom! 11 Back to School Hacks and DIY School Supplies!

Have no clue how to sneak candy into class? ‘Cause we’ve got some hacks for sneaky school supplies prepared! Discover how to make an emergency backpack out of your shirt and be sure to grab those sweet candy crayons along! Did you know you can use rulers instead of scissors? Wanna sneak makeup into class as well? We’ve got you covered with all that and many other school supply hacks! Stay tuned!

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00:04 Yummy Crayons

01:57 CD Bagel Case

03:07 Shirt Backpack

04:51 MakeUp Color Palette

06:20 DIY Notebook Soft Cover

07:40 Cropping with Rulers

08:04 Sharpener Bin

08:46 Notebook Lock

09:46 Pencil Lipstick

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