Cool Last Minute Easter Ideas: DIY Decor and Easter Recipes!

Are you still clueless about what your Easter table should look like during the holidays? Well, we’ve got you covered! Learn how to remove egg shells with ease and use them to bake various Easter cakes, cookies, cupcakes or donuts . And once you have emptied your egg boxes - Discover a number of ways you can reuse them! You won’t need luck to find the Easter Bunny with these delightful tips. Stay tuned for all that and much for more!

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00:04 Oreo Strawberry Souffle

00:46 Chocolate Coke Bottle

01:28 Easter Bunny Cake

02:32 Egg Bird Houses

02:54 Remove Egg Shells with Ease

03:06 Other Uses for Egg Boxes

03:36 Egg Frame Ornaments

04:08 Edible Flower Cookies

04:37 Chocolate Carrot Themed Cake

05:31 Butterfly Cupcakes

06:22 Flower Cupcakes

07:34 Other Uses for Egg Boxes #2

09:48 Lemon Cake

11:19 Mini Donuts

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