Hide Like a Pro! Find Like a Spy! 9 DIY Life Hacks to Hide Your Stuff

Are you eager to secure your most precious items? Us also! We came up with a bunch of hiding techniques that will keep your stuff safe! Discover ways on how to send top-secret messages to your agent friends using lemon juice or red filters. Learn how to hide your belongings within double drawers, hidden pockets, notebooks, plastic bottles and more!

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00:04 Lipstick Fingerprint Hack

01:12 Red Pen Filter Message

02:33 Phone within a Notebook

03:37 Hidden Soda Bottle Pocket

05:17 Secret Message with Lemon Juice

06:43 Secret Garden Spare Key

08:11 Dual Shelf Drawer Stash

10:15 Secret Jeans Pocket

11:08 Corn Jar Secret Stash

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