Ice Cream for Pranks! Funny DIY Pranks | Prank Wars

Do you feel it? That tasty smell of revenge? Prank wars is on!!! Your friends will have no chance against you with these DIY Funny Pranks! Learn how to surprise your besties with an apple watch (literally) and make them a special mayo cocktail on the side!

Discover how to mix coca cola and mentos with a bang or go full on nail polish spillage! Stay tuned for all that and much more - The prank game starts now!

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0:04 Ink Hazard

1:41 “Half Full” Icecream Top

2:43 Knock Knock! This is the Police!

3:48 Mentos Coke Surprise

4:55 Chocolate Pickle Dessert

6:33 Mayo Milkshake

8:06 Phone Language Swap

9:44 Apple Watch (Literally)

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