North Sentinel Island Untouched For 55,000 Years

North Sentinel Island is a forbidden, mysterious and dangerous place. It is home for the hostile and isolated Sentinelese tribe, which means that it is not allowed to visit for outsiders. These islanders are infamous for their choice to remain extremely isolated, and their hostility towards all attempts to establish contact. The local people – the Sentinelese, are direct descendants of the first humans to have emerged from Africa. It is believed that they have retained their way of life for more than 60,000 years. Yet they remain a mystery - their language and their exact population are still unknown. What is the reason behind their aggression towards the outside world? Will the contact ever be made? Only time will tell.

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Christian Caron (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

North Sentinel Island drone survey - Andaman and Nicobar India 2017 / #mAGHgHdISOc#

Man in Search of Man (1974)

Indian Navy - Kamov helicopters / #iGngFSwNQqY#

Harry Hamburg

A Season of Regret for an Aging Tribal Expert in India /

Indian Coast Guard

North Brother Island / RevR0ach /

Captain Robert Fore

Chapter 15 The 26 December 2004 earthquake and tsunami /

A. Carter and P. C. Bandopadhyay / Geological Society, London, Memoirs, 47, 215-224, 2017,

Google Earth

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