Prepare For April Fool's With These 11 Prank Dessert Recipes

Desserts are just one of those things that bring a smile to people's faces and so are ... pranks! April Fool's Day is just around the corner and the time couldn't be more appropriate to combine these two and double the fun! This time panda is showing you how to make deceiving desserts, like sushi that's made out of bananas and pancakes, chicken drumsticks that are actually muffins with chocolate & cereal or chicken pot pie that consists of vanilla pudding and jelly beans. With so many recipes to choose from you are sure to find something your prank victim will fall for.

0:21 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cake

1:18 Muffin Chicken Drumsticks With Apple French Fries

2:53 Pancake & Banana Sushi

4:11 Biscuit Shrimp Cocktail

5:32 Tacos With Chocolate Quinoa & Berries

6:50 Pancake & Chocolate Pizza

8:05 Dessert Meatball Sandwich

9:24 Vanilla pudding & Jelly Beans Chicken Pot Pie

10:11 Gummy Jelly Coke

11:08 Peanut butter & Jelly Dumplings

11:41 Yogurt Fried Eggs On A Sponge Toast

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