Real Life Venom and Other Creepy Sea Creatures

Deep underwater there lives a fish that looks like Venom and other scary creepy sea creatures. The world's waters make up 99% of the living space on Earth. This means that the most bizarre and jaw-dropping animals on the planet will most likely be living in water, in the dark abyss, where no light reaches. Today we descend to those depths to explore what kind of demonic looking, but beautiful in their own way creatures can be found in the deep. Who knew that some of them look like villains from action fantasy movies… Which one’s your favorite?


0:47 - The Japanese Spider Crab

1:45 - The Blobfish

2:40 - The Peanut Worm

3:22 - The Barreleye

4:12 - The Anglerfish

5:39 - The Viperfish

6:21 - The Goblin Shark

7:18 - The Ocean Sunfish

8:25 - The Bigfin Squid

9:17 - The Frilled Shark

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