Romantic Date is Over: Upcycle What’s Left | DIY Home Decor Ideas and More

Did you have a fun date last night? I Bet you did! Now it’s time to clean up and recycle the leftovers! Learn how to turn your leftover wine bottle corks into pots and kitchen magnets, color your roses and pack them in an umbrella, use torn sheets for a greek costume after party along with numerous outfit ideas, all that and much more!

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00:04 Dyed Roses

00:56 Washing MakeUp Stains

01:15 Glass Bottle Pots

02:04 Upcycled Candles

02:42 Wine Bottle Magnets

03:03 Photo Lamp

04:06 Papercup Lighting

05:27 Umbrella Flowers

07:37 Ancient Greek Clothing

08:51 Bedsheet Outfit Cut Out:

10:14 #1 - Skirt

10:31 #2 - Pants

10:53 #3 - Maxi Skirt

11:16 #4 - Dress

11:40 #5 - Romber

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