This Horribly Mistreated Goat With A Disfigured Leg Gets A Second Chance At Life

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Animal shelter activists were informed about a neglected goat living in a dairy farm. When the poor goat was born, her mother accidentally stepped on her leg. If it wasn’t enough already, rats began to gnaw on her leg soon after and injured it even more. Instead of giving her proper care and getting her to the local veterinarian, her owners did no such thing and ignored her being raised in constant pain. So she grew for a year with a deformed, inflamed leg that she couldn't use, and kept it held in a horizontal position. Plagued by internal and external parasites, she was severely malnourished and weak. Until the days her rescuers came for her and gave her a second chance to live. Though she had never received any care and empathy from humans - it didn’t stop her from being friendly towards them. Watch the video to see the full story of her amazing recovery.

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