This Woman Dedicated Her Life To Saving Endangered Orangutans

Every day in Indonesia, an area of biodiverse forest the size of five football fields is slashed and burned for palm oil plantations. Such destruction of rainforests, illegal killing, and trade of orangutans are pushing the orangutan species closer to extinction.

The orangutan population has more than halved in 40 years and is now critically endangered. That means orangutans could be extinct in the wild in less than two decades.

Dr. Birute Galdikas came to Borneo to study wild orangutans in 1971 and established the orangutan rehabilitation program which has returned hundreds of ex-captive orangutans to the wild.

Right now in the ‘Camp Leakey’ Care center lives about 300 hundred orphaned orangutans.

Thanks to Birute Galdikas and her volunteers, Camp Leaky is the largest remaining wild orangutan habitat in the world.

The real heroes are among us. This story is a part of Bored Panda's series about amazing people changing the world.

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